We offer you capped labour only pricing, starting at a low $79.00

We just don't fix your problem, we have a proprietary 39 point checklist system that finds all of the underlying problems of your operating system.

This will service, tune and optimise your PC computer system or notebook, so that when we return it to you, it will operate like brand new.

Our Charter

The Computer Support Partners charter makes 14 promises encompassing our commitment to customer satisfaction by providing you with the highest standards of customer service.

Transparency – Computer Support Partners operate a complete transparency policy:

1. You will not be hit by any hidden charges. There is either as an hourly or fixed rate for all our computer maintenance or computer repair services and products.

2. We have an obligation to ensure you are provided with a quote before any extensive work is carried out to your system, detailed and written where necessary. We will not commence with any computer repairs unless we have your agreement.

3. Where available, we will provide you with all the possible solutions because we believe that, you, as the client, have the right to know all the options available to you.

4. Where upgrades take place, you have the right to request the return of any old hardware.

Customer Services Availability – We will ensure we are available for you:

5. We will be on call 6 days a week for standard computer repair services and online customer support, and 7 days a week for emergencies.

6. We will respond to any communications within 12 working hours upon receipt to ensure total customer satisfaction.

7. We accommodate out of hours onsite computer repairs where requested to ensure minimal business disruption.

8. We will nominate a dedicated person who will keep you fully informed of the progress of any computer repairs / computer maintenance.

Computer Servicing / Repairs Commitment – Doing what we do best.

9. All work on your systems will be performed by a fully qualified technician adhering to the highest standards set by Computer Support Partners.

10. The quality of workmanship and the materials authorised in the repair of your system will be guaranteed.

11. We will continually analyse performance against measures of our commitment to open and honest business practices.

Personal Information – We value and respect your privacy:

12. We value your personal / business information and will take all reasonable precautions to guarantee absolute confidentiality and safety.

13. We will treat your equipment as our own, ensuring safety and security at all times.

14. We will never share your personal information to any organisation.