We offer you capped labour only pricing, starting at a low $79.00

We just don't fix your problem, we have a proprietary 39 point checklist system that finds all of the underlying problems of your operating system.

This will service, tune and optimise your PC computer system or notebook, so that when we return it to you, it will operate like brand new.

Computer Remote Access Service

Computer Remote Access service or online computer repair is a time-saving and cheaper way of troubleshooting and fixing your PC. With remote PC support, you don’t need to visit a PC repair shop or wait for technician to diagnose your computer. And because remote access PC service does not require traveling time, we can offer you a very low computer maintenance fee, while enabling us to fix your PC 24/7.

Via our remote access server, our technicians can securely connect to your computer and view exactly what error/s you see on your screen. Thus, we can analyze and resolve your computer problems on a real time basis. Plus, remote computer support or remote desktop access also allows us to readily and efficiently answer all computer hardware/software related enquiries you may have. In fact, most of our clients love the benefit of being able to show them how to install an application, run a program, configure their email, etc.

Best of all, computer remote access allows us to assist you right now, right in the comfort of your own home! Say good bye to downtime and headaches! Our technicians are all set to help you, and have solid years of experience repairing computer issues remotely from any location. Contact us today to get started.