We offer you capped labour only pricing, starting at a low $79.00

We just don't fix your problem, we have a proprietary 39 point checklist system that finds all of the underlying problems of your operating system.

This will service, tune and optimise your PC computer system or notebook, so that when we return it to you, it will operate like brand new.

Data Recovery & Backup

Information on your computer or network is as valuable as any property. Unfortunately, anything can happen to your data anytime you never expected. These crucial information can be easily lost, hacked or destroyed without a reliable data backup service. There are multiple reasons for data loss, such as hardware failure, software problems, viruses, system failure, human errors, etc.

Data backup, whether online data backup or offsite data backup, is deemed to be the best prevention for data loss. Along with having an efficient backup solution, computer data recovery also plays a vital role for businesses that spend a considerable amount of time on the computer to do personal or business transactions.

To be on the safer side, creating backups should be your number one priority. Computer Support Partners offer data backup service to ensure a copy of your data is stored on a weekly basis, which can be securely done either at your premises or remotely by Computer Support Partners. Our technicians are also proficient with data recovery services, and can help you restore lost data. Avoid losing your files forever! The quicker you call us, the faster we’ll be there to find your data for you.

Prevent data loss and business interruption by implementing a data storage solution and data recovery services today. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.