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We just don't fix your problem, we have a proprietary 39 point checklist system that finds all of the underlying problems of your operating system.

This will service, tune and optimise your PC computer system or notebook, so that when we return it to you, it will operate like brand new.

Top Computer Tips

Here are some great tips to help you keep your computer running lean and healthy.

When downloading

Always be sure of the source of the file / software. If you are unsure of the nature, don’t run or open it, and if already installed on your system, delete it. Not all software is bad, however files / software may contain viruses which damage your system.

You have an unexpected power outage or spike

If you get an unexpected power outage, be sure to wait at least one minute before powering your system back up.

Ensure you have a good quality surge board protecting your computer and other consumables which resets itself once it has been surged.

A Computer Support Partners technician can help you select a surge board which is right for you.

Shutting your computer down incorrectly

Always ensure you close your programs and computer correctly when not in use. Only use the reset button if your computer locks up.

On many new computers you may need to hold the power button in for at least 5 seconds, or until you hear it turning off.

Make a regular back up of your computer data

Backing up your computer should become a regular task! Most computers contain backup software that can be scheduled to start automatically.

Additionally, store your backups to a USB stick, USB hard drive, CD or DVD, or a network drive if you have one.

Make sure you include your email programs and settings!

Before buying any hardware or software, ensure it is compatible with your computer

Before spending money on hardware or software, be sure you know the specifications required and the specifications of your computer. It is always best to write down your computer specifications when going out to make the purchase. If you are unsure, check with the shop assistant at any reputable computer dealer.

Incomplete Installs/Uninstalls

Be sure to read the instructions on how to install and uninstall your software correctly, don’t just hit the delete button!

All reliable programs have an Add/Remove option or the program may have its own uninstaller program.

Dust is Killing your Computer

Are you aware that your computer is a vacuum cleaner?

Your computer needs air to keep the small and delicate electrical components cool.

The only way to keep cool is to bring air from outside your computer inside to cool itself.

This has no bearing on how well you clean your house or office, the computer is behaving like a vacuum cleaner all day and therefore is bringing dust and particles in with the very air for its own survival.

The damage is being done as dust settles onto the small electrical components inside your computer that overtime will die from heat due to the dust.

If you are noticing your computer running much slower and restarting itself, it could be getting too hot due to dust and heat.

The computer needs to be cleaned at least every 6 months to a year to avoid damage. Computer Support Partners offer a thorough clean-up service.